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Fee structure: reduced fee based on the volume of work

  • If there is constant flow of work from a client, we charge such client on a reduced fee basis. With some clients we reduce the fee at our discretion and with other clients our fee is fixed at an agreed rate.
  • We often also charge reduced fees to new clients to start—up a relationship.
  • The maximum fee discount we currently have is 10% for a client whose total monthly bills average around R 25 000, 00.
  • We normally charge a minimum of 20% contingency on work to be carried out.
Retainer Arrangement
  • We have two kinds of retainer arrangements. In terms of one arrangement, client pays a flat fee per month or per annum and in return gets reduced rates for the work done and special commitment to give that client´s work priority. If the retainer has an up-front element of restraint against acting for other potential clients because of potential and not actual conflict of interest, the retainer amount is generally higher.
  • In terms of the other arrangement, a client pays a fixed retainer per month, minor telephonic consultations are not billed for, and any billing for a month is first set off against the retainer amount paid for that month. If there is extra work done in excess of the retainer, only these fees are charged to clients. If the retainer amount for any month is not utilised, it cannot be rolled over to the next month.
  • The retainer arrangement is generally recommended where there is a need to use services regularly and / or where a client is particularly concerned about confidentiality and wants to establish a close relationship with the firm to avoid any possibility of the firm being free to act for a competitor in circumstances where ordinarily there would not be an ethical obligation on the firm not to act for such potential competitor.
  • The amount of retainer may vary from client to client and depends on a number of factors which may differ from client to client.
Hourly rates.
  • Our hourly rates vary from R 100, 00 to R 3 000,00 per hour, depending on the type of assignment and the skill required.
Email Us your comments/Suggestions Click here for Latest Development Email Us at info@luvhombagroup.co.za
Click here for Latest Development Email Us at info@luvhombagroup.co.za